The TecCase radioactive isotope transporter has been specifically designed for the Nuclear Medicine industry to allow the safe transportation of up to 8 radioactive isotopes within their individual shielded containers.

The TecCase has been produced to allow any type of transportation to be used, including air travel. The ergonomic design also allows for easy and comfortable transport by hand, this transport packaging solution is available for a low price and a minimum working life of 15 years.

Designed for use in the medical industry the clean and simple design has cut-outs to accommodate up to 8 industry standard shielded containers. The radioactive contents are contained in 10ml glass vials within these shielded containers.

The TecCase is low in weight with a fully loaded case weighing just 7kg. The internal label pouches allow for two-sided labels to be used which is a time saver when return trips are made regularly to the same destinations.