SENTINEL™ 880 Series Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

Experience extreme durability, simple operation, and low operator dose.

With over 12,000 in service worldwide from Alaska’s North Slope to harsh Middle East desert environments, the SENTINEL 880 Series has nearly two decades of proven reliability and durability giving you the most uptime from your equipment and maximum production for your clients.

The versatility in using Ir-192, Se-75, and Yb-169 radioisotope sources maximizes the non-destructive testing applications where you can utilize your SENTINEL 880 Series projector while advanced safety features minimize operator dose.

Designed, tested, and manufactured to the requirements of ANSI N432-1980, ISO 3999:2004(E), IAEA TS-R-1 (2009), IAEA SSR-6 (2012), USNRC 10CFR34, USNRC 10CFR71, and USDOT 49CFR173.

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