OpenVision™HD – NDT

CUI Inspection System

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspection, Heat Tracing and Weld Location Mapping.

OpenVision DX and the OpenVision HD is an easy to use, digital radiography (DR) x-ray solution with real-time inspection and reporting.

A c-arm mounted 70 kV x-ray generator, and a digital detector of 74.8μm allows you to perform rapid and detailed pipeline inspection.

Ready and certified for the UK market, this handheld digital x-ray system provides high accuracy and quick deployment to help inspectors and asset owners quickly assess areas of concern. Minimising downtime, saving costs and reducing safety risks.

OpenVision HD can be used on various insulation and cladding combinations, including mineral wool and calcium silicate with galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminium cladding up to 36 inches (91 cm) in total diameter.

OpenVision HD enables the inspection of tens of meters of insulated piping to quickly identify indications of corrosion or corrosion precursors such as scaling, external wall loss, and wet insulation. Pictures and real-time videos are recorded and downloaded with the touch of a button for rapid review and reporting.

Wifi links between the OpenVision HD and detachable tablet is available for casting real-time images to a second operator.

OpenVision HD – NDT is IRR17,  ANSI 43.5-2005, UKCA and CE compliant.

Documentation & Downloads

OpenVision HD Brochure – Gilligans

OpenVision HD Brochure – QSA

OpenVision HD Application Matrix – Mineral Wool

OpenVision HD Application Matrix – Calcium Silicate

OpenVision HD User Manual

OpenVision HD Software Manual

Videos & Demonstrations