Radiography Film Digitizer

Digitally capture, store and analyse your radiography film

Digitizing your film has never been a bad idea, it reduces physical storage space requirements, it greatly improves administration, allows quick sharing of radiographs and enables digital mark-ups and inspection.

With a recent (2024) UKAS requirement change following on from a HSE lead investigation into the falsifying and duplication of radiographs, NDT inspection companies may now need to infinitely store radiographs. With some requirement for them to be digitised.

We can offer the NDT-2000 Film Digitizer from Microtek to help you solve this problem.

The Microtek NDT-2000 Film Digitizer is easy to use, is CE/UKCA certified, complies with ISO 14096 DS5.5 and can hold up to 15 sheets in the Automatic Film Feeder (AFF).

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