Gamma and X-ray Bay Safety System

The Bay Safety System is designed to protect Radiographers.

Fully compliant to Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) Safety Systems, designed and installed to meet your requirements.

The system comprises a series of tried and tested individual safety components connected to a central control panel managing and monitoring the system. Audio-visual signals help keep the system easy to use and diagnose for the operators.

A modular nature allows easy fault finding and quick resolution of the system, to keep people in production, safe and compliant.

A grabwire pull cord runs the internal parameter of the bay for emergency stopping and prevention of radiation exposures.

Each component of the Bay Safety System possesses dual fail-safe safety channels, satisfying BS ISO 13849-2:2015 Ple.

Operation of the Safety System remains simple and straight forward and has been designed with the safety of the operator and easy functionality at its core.

Ideal for use with our GS002 Automatic Windout System.

  • Overview of Bay

  • Control Area

  • Internal Area