Gamma and X-ray Bay Safety System

The Safety Interlock system is designed to protect those carrying out radiography by monitoring radiation levels and preventing untimely exposures.

The system comprises a series of individual safety components connected to a central control box which manages the system and generates audio and visual signals for the user. An HMI screen shows the current state of the system at all times and will also indicate whether any components are disconnected, damaged or have failed.

The modular nature of the system also allows easy fault finding and quick replacement for any component in the system and can be tailored to meet any requirements and reconfigured as required.

The Interlock System features a number of Radiation Detectors. The use of multiple Radiation Detector units provides redundancy and an increased layer of safety.

The system allows for pull cord grab wires to be installed in the system cutting the time for the operator to access the emergency stop.

Each component of the Interlock System possesses dual fail-safe safety lines. Possessing dual safety lines allows the system to detect when the component has been disconnected, gives higher levels of reliability and allows for failure of components to be monitored by the system.

Operation of the Safety System remains simple and straight forward and has been designed with the safety of the operator and easy functionality at its core.

  • Overview of Bay

  • Control Area

  • Operator Entry

  • Internal Area

  • Internal Area

  • Main Control Panel

  • Main Control Panel

  • Door Autolock

  • Radiation Detector & Annunciator