Gamma Automated Windout

The Automated Windout is a compact electrically powered Windout mechanism. It allows exact exposure times to be programmed, resulting in more precise radiographs.

The Automated Windout unit can be supplied as a standalone unit for integration with exiting Safety Interlock systems or can be incorporated into the GES Bay Safety System. In this configuration a single Control unit and HMI Interface controls both the Automated Windout and Safety Interlock system.

The system comprises of a Main Control Unit and a separate wall mounted Motor and Gearbox assembly to drive the Cable Windout Assembly. An HMI screen always shows the current state of the system and will also indicate whether any components are disconnected, damaged or have failed.

The modular nature of the system also allows easy fault finding and quick replacement for any component in the system and can be tailored to meet any requirements and reconfigured as required.

Operation of the Automated Windout Unit remains simple and straight forward and has been designed with the safety of the operator and easy functionality at its core.